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What strategies do you plan to implement? What strategies are you looking to implement here?

NL: United States of America is a mature market. Since 1938, we're present in the United States. rolex daytona replica watches has clients that think it's an American house. This is not the case in our region. We should spend more time educating our clients about our work and story.

HDP: rolex daytona replica watches is a company that has always been loyal to a core value of humanity. We care about our clients. What I've observed here over the past three or four month, is that there's an approach to our clients which is very similar.

NL: When we talk about the strategy of a Maison like ours, it is true that we develop products in Paris in our workshop. But when these products reach individual markets, clients associate with our creations,rolex daytona replica watches whether they are a watch, or a piece jewelry. Our products have both a global and local appeal.

You said you would tell your story to audiences in Asia. What's the status of that?

Since then, we have had several exhibitions in Asia on our heritage and patrimony. Just recently, we closed one in Beijing. We're opening the School of Jewellery Arts, L'Ecole in Hong Kong. This is a branch of the original school inParis. This is a way to teach our clients about who we are and our values, as well as our heritage and our craftsmanship.

L'Ecole is the School of Jewellery Arts in Hong Kong

You have a unique brand within the Richemont Group. Your products are only available in mono-brand boutiques. What led to this new retail format?

NL: Richemont bought the brand when it already had a high-end retail store. At the time we had only eight stores worldwide. We had a partner in Asia, where we had a store on the Peninsula in addition to a space at a department in Japan. We had other doors when we redeveloped the maison. To grow, you need to have that. As we redeveloped the brand, there were many things we needed to focus on. Re-developing products was one thing, but the other was communications. We had to quickly implement a retail system. This extension of the retail system took years, and in some respects it is still ongoing.Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Replica Watches We currently have about 130 doors in the world and are looking to add 150. We don't need to be everywhere. We don't have to be everywhere. We want to improve the retail stores we already have in different countries. This could be a larger or newer location or one that is more interesting. Then, we realised that although retail partners were a fast way to open up new doors, their image and client experiences weren't always up to our standards. It's hard to expect partners to provide the same level service as us.

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